MFW A/W16 Day 5 – Twenty6

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Milan Fashion Week: Women’s A/W ‘16: Day 5


Dolce & Gabbana

Day 5 of Milan Fashion week has brought us MarniMissoniFerragamo and many more.

Marni’s line showed a very clean and concise look; with some complex use of fabric. Stirrup pants with interesting overlay tops, over exaggerated bell sleeves, and patterns arranged in a feather-like ensemble in primary colors were the focal points. Layering in this presentation was utilised in a way I have not seen before; making the looks very art-like. More fur showed up, as did to the knee boots, proving to be real trends across the board.

Ferragamo put on quite the show, starting off with an all black ensemble then quickly changing gears to a world of color. Pleats, darts and patterns gave this line life; every look seemed to be larger than life. The patterns were amplified, the use of fabric cut outs as decoration was genius, the colors were vigorous, such a crisp use of hues!

Dolce and Gabbana was a personal favourite of mine; submerging the viewer in the land of make believe. Princesses, fairies, enchanted far away lands; were just a few of the majestic ideas disseminated through this presentation. The glitz, the embellishments; crafted in such a way that drew your eye to every part. The scenes depicted on each piece was representative of various Disney stories; the Evil Queen peering into her magic mirror accompanied by a “Who is the most Beautiful” caption on an antique looking mirror, followed by a collard dress consumed by apples; all representing Snow White. The rest of the pieces showed scenes from Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, et al. The garments themselves were very feminine, doused in vivid colors, sparkling embellishments, and interesting prints such as hounds tooth and repeat illustrations such as apples, cats and floral. Utilitarian jackets mirroring those of the late great MJ had a place on this runway; they were paired with captivating headwear to mirror the design on the coat. Everything was over the top; buttons were bigger and collars had more bling. Provocative lace overlays, three-dimensional floral, fringe and the absence of fear strutted down the D&G runway today and frankly I couldn’t be happier. This line was whimsical, nostalgic and just down right remarkable. Dolce and Gabbana has me craving grown-up dress up time. Until tomorrow!


Words: Tara Ciccone

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