Documentaries That Will Change Your Life –


1 – I am
These words are key to promoting positivity into your life. This documentary follows a tragic event and focusing on gratitude and good feelings can change your situation.

2 – Hungry For Change

Taking charge of your own health and well-being is not only intimidating but sometimes misleading. Light is shed on the down and upsides of the health and wellness industry and inspirational stories of those who overcame.  

3 – Happy

The study of happiness is drastically different from mundane studies of anxiety and depression happy highlights that. Meet people who exude the light no matter their age, race, or situation.

4 – I am not your Guru

Go behind the scenes with one of the most renowned faces in life coaching, Tony Robbins. You will see the workings of his teachings, his events and all those who follow.

5 – The Secret

The best introduction to the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive thinking. Hear stories of success, methods of training your mind and the basics to change your life.

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