Rosé Revolution –


Rosé has been quite the trendy drink among ‘it girls’ (and guys) this summer! But it doesn’t stop there; rosé is now being translated into products across the board! See below for some of the trendiest ways to get your rosé fix!

1 – Frosé

Your favorite adult beverage meets your favorite childhood one! Cool and refreshing, this is truly a treat for the taste buds and the eyes.

2 – Rosé Gummy Bears!

Speaking of childhood treats, these gummy bears will have you all nostalgic with a hint of adulthood. The demand, however, is so high that they’ve been sold out for months! Get on the waitlist while you still can.

3 – Rosé infused chocolate

Take your craving for chocolate, add your love for rosé and voila! You have this amazing treat.

4 – Rosé flavoured lip balm

The least caloric on this list, lip balm! With the cold weather coming, this is the best way to get in your rosé without having to drink it.

5 – Rosé in a can!

So, this one may be a little obvious but, Rosé in a can is revolutionary! Easy to transport, easy to portion and so much fun!

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