Top 5 Hotel Bars in the World – Lifestyle Mag


1 – The Ides at Wythe Hotel – Brooklyn, New York

Hello Brooklyn, how ya doing? Very good by the sights of this gorgeous hotel in the heart of Williamsburg. A cool, trendy, hotel with unparalleled 360-degree views of NYC, makes this an equation for success

2 – Hotel Muse – Bangkok, Thailand

A gem of South East Asia, Hotel Muse is strategically placed in the heart of Bangkok’s hot spots. With their award winning restaurants and this amazing rooftop bars, why would you want to leave?

3 – The Zetter Townhouse, London, UK

More of a low-key person? This beautiful 13-bedroom townhouse is eccentric in the best way possible. Its hotel bar is unlike any other, the whimsical decor. saturation of color and old-world decor will transport you between real-life and a dream state, the perfect vacation mindset.

4 – Fasano Rio – Brazil

This beachside beauty is perfect for the modern traveler. With its contemporary decor and clean crisp design, you can’t go wrong! The hotel bar pays homage to London and has quite the impressive liquor stock, definitely great for a night in.

5 – The Principal Madrid – Spain

So sophisticated, those are the only words I can use to describe the very essence of this hotel. So beautiful, and so poise, a romance only Spain can emulate. The Atico is the best place to grab some lunch and cocktails while observing all Madrid has to offer.

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