Best Juice Bars in NYC – Lifestyle Mag


I don’t know about you, but I live off my juices (and açai bowls), so I am super invested in Juice Bars! Here are some of the best Juice Bars NYC has to offer.

1 – Melvin’s Juice Box

With locations in NYC and Brooklyn you’re covered! With this veteran juicer, Melvin himself, you’re in good hands!

2 – Juice Press

Knowledgeable, delicious and in Equinox gym’s, can you ask for more?

3 – Juice Generation

My personal favorite (there’s one next door to my office), the staff is informed, quick and friendly. The açai bowls are to die for, and their social corporate responsibility is admirable. Using locally grown products (shouting them out on their menu) and donating 1% of all proceeds to keep the planet clean, you can feel good while feeling healthy.

4 – Oasis Juice Bar

Yummy and cultural, always recognizing its Ethiopian roots, Oasis is a great place for fresh, delicious juices.

5 – Liquiteria

Delectable dishes and juices? This is a great place to grab your juice, smoothie or salad in a pinch!

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