How To: Necklace Layering – Lifestyle Mag


Jewelry can make or break an outfit. It can elevate a simple white tee into a night out attire, a plain dress into an elegant evening. Here are our tips to layering your necklaces.

1 – Know your lengths

Necklaces come in many lengths, and to know this is to know the core of how to layer. The lengths range from 14” (tight, choker almost) to 33” (to the mid-torso). Never do anything too close and bulky (example; statement pieces at 14” x 16” x 18’) or anything too far apart (example: dainty 14” x 24” 30”) . Our magic suggestion is 14” statement, 15” bar, 16” gemstone statement.

2 – Know your treatments

Keep everything coordinated. Try not to mix rose gold, gold, and silver; try to keep to one tone.

3 – Play with color

This may sound like it contradicts the suggestion above, but this is more about the stone / statement on the necklace. Opt for a turquoise gemstone, or a tiger eye monogram, have fun with it!

4 – Balance is key

Statement necklaces can be a lot, so try to tone down other jewelry. Keep the earrings simple, studs or otherwise.

5 – Have fun!

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