NYFW SS17 DAY 1 – Twenty6 Magazine

From Twenty6Magazine.com

Breathtaking ballerinas gave us everything and more at Sachin and Babi. This demonstration of femininity was done in such a way that one could have easily been left speechless. Ruffles and lace appeared often, giving each look a very dainty feel, while low backs and just low enough necklines gave this presentation just the hint of maturity it needed.

The intricate details of each piece were personified in the large photos accompanying the presentation, as the models stood in front of their look, allowing us to get a closer look, without getting much closer. Colours were subdued; black, white, pink, and deep gem tones where floral patterns lived; reminiscent of an elegant costume fit for any ballerina. All the looks were as playful as the performance at hand; light and airy – carefree to the outside world but serious work to those involved.

Just like the intricacy of the pieces themselves, the accessories were just as complex. A flowered earring with a large tassel hung from one ear of some  of the models, as to not over crowd the look. Others donned a hoop with a tassel, or an ornate slew of layered necklaces. Bold brows and ballerina buns consumed this quaint location, starkly contrasting from the hustle and bustle of the NYFW complexes. The wood floor and exposed brick created an atmosphere which truly complimented the entire line, further complimented by the simple, elegant, rustic look of the entire presentation. I was inspired to keep on dancing and to keep on wearing ruffles and lace as long as a possibly can.

Claudia Li’s SS17 show was a fantastic demonstration of beautiful, blooming designs. The models were dressed in a watercolour wonderland of prints; bouncy and fun. These statuesque beauties stood atop pedal donned pedestals; with their natural hair and no makeup look, calling direct attention to the carefully curate pieces.

When asked what the inspiration behind this line was, in an interview with Elle Magazine, Claudia simply said, “After dusk, before dawn.” We completely understand this vision after watching the show- that point between sleep and wake; the dream state, which is the inspiration for the emotion imparted on us with these pieces. A rich red knit two piece layered over and under a beautiful silk button down really drove home the whimsical theme of the line. Metallic, oversized coordinates also had us feeling mystical; just add avant-garde petals and you have a suit for spring.

Colour, patterns and treatments weren’t the only notable elements of the presentation; draping and deconstruction completely stole the show! Bell sleeves with crops, slouchy draping in an oversize form and some mixed media inspired looks; equipped with exquisite draping and tonal stripes. Gaucho pants made their appearance in more than one look and personally I couldn’t be happier! Paired with booties or flats you’re sure to set a trend. In addition to the lively prints and fabric arrangements, there was a pop of sass too; a sweatshirt with a cheeky message: ‘SOME GUY’S SWEATSHIRT’. The entire ensemble exuded a feeling of liberation, unlocking the carefully crafted attire for the bohemian babe in all of us.

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