Winky Lux, the millennial makeup brand that brought you the Flower Balm, the coveted Kitten Palette, their super hydrating Dream Gelee, and recently opened their first brick and mortar in the Lower East Side is changing the game again.

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On Wednesday, August 8th, doors will officially open at 430 West Broadway in Soho, inviting customers to experience the half retail store, half sensational sensory experience at Winky Lux’s first-ever immersive experience pop-up. They’ve set out to shake up the standard retail model, and as I’ve experienced they sure have.

The minute you walk in, you know exactly where you are. The pinks, the florals, the products; everything engulfs you, but somehow you know where to start. You peruse through the product offerings, all whilst checking yourself out in the many mirrors the store has to offer, snap a pic while you’re at it – I mean, #ItsaWinkyWorld, why not? you make your way to the back of the space, be sure to look up. That outrageously beautiful chandelier is actually made from Winky’s lipstick tubes.

Now’s the moment you’ve been waiting for you. You wait in line, preparing for your sensory sightseeing. A well-informed host briefs you on the process, rules and, of course, encourages rigorous posting. He notes that ‘spirit guides’ would be there to help you through the process (and take pics, seriously they were lifesavers).

There are seven rooms in total, an Alice in Wonderland-styled floral garden with Flower Balm’s ready to be tried, a ‘hydration station’ in the clouds where there was treats from My/Mochi and their amazing Dream Gelee for sampling, a miniature scaled coffee shop promoting their coffee eyeshadow pallet, a technicolor bliss with light up lipstick tube illuminating a completely mirrored room, a matcha zen garden equipped with life-size sand and rake action (super relaxing) and the delicious Matcha Lip Balm and more.

You end your journey with a larger than life (literally) lemon squeeze, ball pit experience, so perfect for a fun boomerang!

Winky Lux’s immersive experience pop-up was designed to spark imaginations and create a shareable moment for those who appreciate beauty, and adventures like these. Being able to take the fun, whimsical, life loving joy, Winky Lux is all about and turn it into something that can be shared, both in person and across social media platforms is truly revolutionary.

I also had the pleasure to chat with the head #BossBabe at Winky Lux, Natalie Mackey, about everything from why this pop-up, what’s up next, and the goals for this innovative way to shop. 

Why this kind of store, and why now?

There has to be a reason to shop and traditional retail isn’t cutting it. This is what our customer is asking for. She wants to do “all the things” and have a place to go with her friends. We also reached a point in our brand that it was time to think about how to tell product stories in a more immersive way.

What makes Winky Lux the appropriate makeup brand to create this Immersive Experience store?

The brand has been rooted in whimsy since its inception. Our products have always had an element of magic, so a magical world is an authentic extension of that.

What do you hope to achieve from this popup?

First and foremost, we want our customers to have fun! We’re aiming to not just sell her beauty products but also help her create amazing memories. Secondly, we can collect much richer data and detailed insights [into] what she loves what she doesn’t love and what she wants in the future.

What else is on the horizon for Winky Lux?

We have some amazing launches coming up including a game-changing mascara and some skin care extensions. Our holiday color collections are also chock full of magic. From a corporate standpoint, we are focusing on new technology to further improve our product quality and speed to market.

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