Ethical and inclusive, the intimates brand that’s about to change the game.




The much-anticipated intimates brand, KALA, will launch their debut collection on September 24th. The line, founded by Rebecca Migrov, was conceptualized with the modern conscious consumer in mind, offering value throughout each step of the design process.

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KALA is a sustainable intimates brand which means it was created with renewable materials, produced locally and adheres to fair labor laws and working conditions. In addition to being good both for the ethically and environmentally, the brand proves good for self-esteem with inclusive sizing.

I had a chance to chat with the #BossBabe behind this brilliant brand, here’s what she had to say:

Tell me a little bit about how KALA was born? What was the motive behind creating it?

Kala came out of my own need for bras that fit and were easy to wear. Kala was created when I realized I wasn’t the only one who felt ignored by brands. We exist to meet women’s needs – from more inclusive nudes and sizing to comfortable and functional fit to just having a beautiful piece of intimate apparel.

What sets KALA apart from other intimates brands?

Our commitment to creating beautiful, functional products for all women in eco-friendly and ethical ways. 

If you could describe this line in three words, what would it be?

Comfortable, supportive, confident 

What were you doing before you started KALA?

I worked in blockchain and crypto start-ups in Brooklyn and Silicon Valley, focusing on partnerships and communications.

What’s next for the brand? Are you planning on widening the product breadth?

Definitely. We’re planning two big product category launches in the next year, serving more women and their needs, as well as expanding our current intimates collection.

Can you provide more info about how you came up with the sizing structure?

Our goal is to make choosing the right size easy and intuitive, while also reflecting that Kala pieces offer flexibility with support.

Kala’s sizing reflects both cup size and band size. Women with smaller busts can find their fit in sizes 1 – 4. We made our full (F1 – F3) and plus sizes (P1 – P2) for women with larger busts, full sizes being for those with narrower waists and plus for wider waists. 

We’re planning to expand our size offerings over time to serve as many women as possible.

KALA is made with organic cotton, produced in New York and created with the brand’s devotion for sustainability and inclusivity in mind. Prices start at $30 for underwear and $65 for bras, offering a unique sizing structure for every woman, no matter how niche your sizing may be!

Shop for KALA here.

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