Picture this: you’re dropped on an island with four couples looking to test the strength of their relationship. You’re one of 30 eligible women and men on this island, how do you react?

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Temptation Island star, Brittney Rose, kept herself grounded, with a clear mind. She gives credit to her spiritual tool belt that helped her navigate the varying personalities and overall unusual environment she was placed in. On the Island, Brittney relied heavily on her meditation and yoga practice, she was able to overcome the complexities, and stress, of her situation with poise and grace through her deeply embedded practices. On the Island, and in her everyday life, Brittney relies on these very exercises to help de-stress, “Yoga has been a big part of my life for this very reason. Not just the physical aspect of it, but also the mindfulness. I meditate on a daily basis, sometimes only 5 minutes & sometimes for much longer. I’m a big believer in breath work as well, which has been scientifically proven to be the fastest way to slow the heart rate down, which significantly lowers your body’s stress response. It’s also important to do things that you love & enjoy! For me, it’s being outside in nature, hiking with my dog and spending time with friends and family,” says Brittney.

The Venice resident has found the power of yoga and meditation many times in her life, utilizing it to help her overcome health issues, such as epilepsy, going into her twenties. Her health scares brought Brittney to dedicate 4 years of her life to studying under highly gifted integrative and holistic doctors and shamans in Tulum. At this time, she launched a wellness-focused retreat company with her mother called Life Source Retreats which she is now rebranding to include a larger variety of teachers, healers and wellness inspired events and offerings. “I have a few wellness retreats that we’re currently putting together. In particular, Meditation Island retreats for fans of Temptation Island (although anyone can come, of course). I’m friends with & know a lot of very powerful and gifted teachers, healers & leaders, so I am in the process of creating more retreats and a platform to share their healing gifts and tools with the world. You can also expect some online content coming soon, which I’m currently working on with Lost Hills Media.”

Keeping the #goodvibes going, I asked Brittney how she maintains this cool, calm and collected persona when dating, “For me, in order to have a relaxed, natural experience while dating, I like to do things that are fun or adventurous. Like hiking, going to the beach, taking a yoga class, or going to a creative restaurant with a unique dining experience. In order for the individuals to feel grounded & relaxed while dating, I think it’s important to ask ourselves, “Am I having fun?” I have so many friends who will meet a new guy and focus solely on him instead of themselves because they want him to like them. All love begins with self-love! And obviously, I’m not against some couple breath work.” And what does Brittney look for in a significant other? Simple, Kindness, passion, self-awareness & willingness to do the “inner work”, a sense of humor and that balance between being an intelligent creator & businessman while still being able to slow down and be present with life’s moments.”

Be sure to catch Brittney on this season of Temptation Island on USA Network – Tuesday’s 10/9C and follow for more information on Brittney’s upcoming projects @britroseyoga

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