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There’s an old saying, ‘What goes around, comes around’, Barney’s has taken this motto and exemplified it in true nostalgic fashion. The opening of their new flagship store, located in the Chelsea area of New York City, will have customers reminiscing of a simpler time. This street, 7th avenue, is the same spot where Barney’s made their debut in 1923.


That’s not to say that the new store will have a vintage feel, not in the slightest. Calling upon the expertise of New York architectural firm, Steven Harris Architects, Barney’s new store is able to occupy an entire New York City block. This 55,000 square foot, 5-floor mecca of fashion will incorporate many different aspects of the retail experience.  The brick-and-mortar will incorporate numerous high-end designers in the genres of both men’s and women’s RTW, footwear, accessories and cosmetics as well as exclusive collections from Valentino, Alexander Wang, Elder Statesman and much more. Barney’s is fusing together the typical NYC shopping trip with an overall ‘day out’ experience, housing the Blind Barber barbershop and Freds restaurant; a dining experience emulating a truly magnificent Barney’s feel. The restaurant, an homage to Freds on Madison, will have a unique menu customized to the Barney’s patron. The Blind Baber will bring back the days of socializing at the Barber Shop; serving cocktails and giving off a relaxed essence.


The general design of this captivating location is modern; spiral staircases are complemented by abstract yet functional works of art connecting from floor to floor. The granite and marble tables are dazzled by polished steel mirrored columns.

The footwear floors, for both men and women, give off a more intimate feel. The women’s floor still conveys the marble aesthetic but is now complemented with rampant fabrics such as mohair and velvet. The men’s floor is engulfed in tones of the earth; deep greens, blues, and tans.

Barney’s, like fine wine, has just gotten better with time. Adapting to the newness of today by creating a modern feel and revolutionizing ‘technology’ in the retail-space, they sincerely understand their consumers. By bringing the store back to their roots they resonate with their loyal, timeless customers; and by persistently evolving with the industry they are procuring new customers every day.

The Chelsea location of Barney’s is a must-see in NYC!

Barneys Downtown, 101 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10011


Words: Tara Cicone

Images courtesy of PRnewswire

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