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Calling all Michael Kors shoppers; the newest, and largest, flagship store has made it’s home on Regent Street! Fusing a modern design, a generally dapper feel, and the building’s history to create an overall glamorous and alluring ambiance that truly embodies the brand.


This particular store shows the extraordinary revolution of the Michael Kors brand. This growth is personified through the advanced yet muted color pallet, the extravagant nature of the materials used, and the intricate attention to such minute details such as the Venetian wallpaper and Calcutta marble fixtures. The true significance of this location lies deep within the inspiration Kors draws from London for his designs; he believes that London is one of the world’s most prominent cities for fashion.

This three floor wonderland of fashion will incorporate every aspect of the Michael Kors line; from handbags and watches to jewelry, shoes, ready-to-wear and even menswear!


The menswear quarters can entice even the most uncertain male shopper to come in and take a look around. With black and white photography, custom seating and full-size pool table; men will be suggesting shopping days to their other halves way more often than usual.

The complete design, evolution and placement just solidifies Michael Kors’ dedication to the European consumer and to their overall collection. By creating this ‘sense of place’ rather than just a ‘store’ Kors is tugging at the heartstring of us, the customers, and creating more of an experience of culture rather than just a shopping trip.


Words: Tara Cicone

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