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Dior and Gucci bring their Cruise Shows to England!

London is iconic, it is regal; rich with both culture and history and always emulating this heir of chic-ness unparallel to most. Monika Chiang once said, when asked what she loved about the city, “…the energy and the creativity. It is such a happening city, from the cuisine to the fashion.”


Both fashion mega-houses Gucci and Dior identified these traits and have decided to hold their Cruise 2017 Collection shows’ in this remarkable city.

Dior has chosen to take a page out of their past by presenting their SS17 cruise collection at the Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. This location served as a platform for Dior to present some of his couture designs to London’s royal residents; the Duke of Malborough and his wife, Princess Margaret and numerous others. A few years later Yves Saint Laurent presented the namesake collection on behalf of Dior following his death a year prior.

This collection will be the first designed by the predecessor of Raf Simon’s, who is currently still unknown. Contrasting last year’s futuristic feel and French Riviera setting; this season’s location has all the right components to produce a quintessential Dior look; classic, clean and elegant with just a hint of sass. I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait!

Gucci and creative director Alessandro Michele will be partaking in the creation of history. The design house will be hosting their SS17 cruise collection at the historic Westminster Abbey; the first event of it’s kind to be held here. Michele, who was a long-time resident of the capital city, received the International Designer award in London at the end of last year, here he announced his plans to present his line in the same venue where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge exchanged nuptials. Michele promises the show will be ‘magical’, how could in not be in such an enchanted setting? Despite some negativity from critics, the overall tone is excitement. With all eyes on such a unique venue and notable design house, I would expect nothing less than goosebumps from this collection; but we’ll have to stay tuned….


Words: Tara Ciccone

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