NYFW A/W16 Day 4 – Twenty6

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Day 4 of New York Fashion Week, otherwise known as the day of DVF’s infamous dance party, has come and gone; but not without leaving quite the impression on our little fashionista hearts.

While we may be celebrating Valentine’s day with loved ones; we all know the true Valentine of the day was the fashion! We became a little more familiar with the stripes trend today, vertical obviously, but tastefully done in long lined pieces.

Tome kicked off the day with quite the statement; pulling inspiration from artists such as Barbara Kruger and Mona Hatoum. Tome communicated some political undertones notably feminism through their presentation. These power pieces emphasized the the beauty and authority women have on their lives, and the world in general. Incorporating a predominately neutral pallet brimming with browns, whites, and blacks with pops of blues and reds. The presence of stripe patterns and a dash of denim, provided a little something for everyone. Dresses with synchs in all the right places, draped pieces with just the right amount of skin, the infamous lace trend and the presence of the eye showing up sparingly on the models’ chest provided the spectator with a unique experience for a relatable line.

Victoria Beckham followed and as always proved to us why she was the “Posh” one. Her pieces were true to the elegant woman of today. The colors were subtle; the pieces were conventional; cut outs and plunges were placed in such a way that gave just the right amount of sensuality. The colors were compelling; Beckham threw the trends for a loop, making navy and forest green the norm and a collegiate maroon and mustard a close second.

Public School provided us with pieces influenced by menswear (another common theme thus far); showing that gender lines in fashion are blurred conclusively.

Derek Lam solidified the high boot trend, while also sprinkling in some ankle bootie love. The pieces were polished and poised; more turtle necks and fur, buttons and belts; the perfect uniform for strolling down Park Ave.

Rachel Zoe had us yearning for the 2016 fall/winter season; more fur, ruffles, duster coats, three-piece leather suits (a must have, I know!) in neutrals as well as deluged in some fascinating prints. The sheer overlay look was present in a few pieces, Zoe demonstrated bohemian-chic in a way only she can. The scene was set with music by the Misshapes; in true Zoe style. The entire collection gave off such an amorous feel; definitely setting the tone for the elegant date nights of winter.

Diane Von Furstenberg’s show rocked the fashion world; you couldn’t scroll down Instagram without seeing clips of the biggest names in modelling partaking in DVF’s dance party. She took a page from the new trend in see now, buy now; offering some of her pieces for immediate sale following the presentation (particularly Gigi Hadid’s black and white slip dress, amazing). The pieces were perfectly flirty and fun; the essential attire for the woman of now. DVF’s pieces ranged from quintessential brunch attire, to fashion industry work wear to an elegant evening wear piece donned by the exquisite Karlie Kloss. This particular presentation contained much more color than any I’ve seen thus far; a true ode to Diane’s amazing and colorful personality.

Disco music played, models assembled in a conga line and everyone had a great time. The lively essence is truly what fashion is all about; the fun, and the ability to tell a story with the presentation. I’d say this story is all about enjoying life, not taking anything too seriously (except your wardrobe) and letting loose; I feel a Spotify Playlist in the making…Until tomorrow!

Words by Tara Ciccone

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