NYFW A/W16 Day 3 – Twenty6

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New York Fashion Week: Women’s A/W ‘16: Day 3


Alexander Wang

Day 3 of New York Fashion week did not disappoint; the trends were bountiful, the fashions astonishing, truly a pleasure for all in attendance (and those lurking designer pages from the comfort of their own home). A few common themes so far are profound dark colors, lace both with and without overlays, patterns arranged in strategic motifs, turtle necks both contemporary and oversized; just to name a few.

Today seemed to be the day of different; Rebecca Minkoff debuted her revolutionary #SEEBUYWEAR structure to her show. Instead of showing her Fall/Winter collection, Minkoff opted to show her Spring collection and some capsule pieces in order to catalyst the fashion world into Spring. The pieces were quintessential Rebecca Minkoff Style; the perfect uniform for LES brunches, gallivanting around NYC, and a chic date night.

Continuing down the road of diversity; Ryan Roche’s show proved to be quite a treat for the spectators. Roche’s children accompanied by friends performed a tribute to the late David Bowie; an exquisite merger of these two art forms. Roche’s pieces had us lusting for unconventional knitwear; forget the ordinary slouch, delicate flashes of skin graced the garments giving a more sensual and romantic feel. The monochrome theme of pinks and whites allowed us to really focus on the sophisticated yet bohemian aura of the pieces.

Christian Sirano, too, paid tribute to the late great Bowie; having his models walk to his song “Lets Dance” for the finales. His line contained everything from menswear inspired pieces to unprecedented, intricately constructed knitwear inspired by Shelia Hicks’ Art of Yarn Exhibit. The eveningwear featured various textures and complimentary silhouettes; solidifying Siriano’s places in the celebrity red carpet looks selection (reflected by his star-studded front row).

Collina Strada provided us with an individualistic view of fashion, reflecting designer Hillary Taymour’s personal style and showing the viewer her evolution over the past 4 years. Taymour demonstrated her admirable attention to fabrics used by putting forth sustainable pieces; her diversified models were draped in “wet look” makeup and donned pieces ranging from leather to shearling.

Lastly, Mr. Alexander Wang did not dissatisfy; the pieces were funky yet wearable. The predominantly black and white garments were endorsed by pops of jewel tones as well as the rare, but present, lighter pinks. Tagline tights were a constant, off beat accessories such as chain link necklaces and black chokers drove home the ultimate 90s mood. I’ll be over here rocking out to Nirvana if you need me; until tomorrow!

Words by Tara Ciccone


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