NYFW SS16 Fashion Shenzen – Twenty6

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This year’s Fashion Shenzhen SS16 runway show highlighted some of the most talented and innovative designers from China. Kavon, Haiping Xie and Deng Hao all provided the audience with a poised yet playful showcase of pieces. The overall tone of the show was carried out by the oversized pieces, lightweight materials and spectacular use of colour and patterns.

Kavon fused together Western styles and Oriental dressing that resulted in a subtle ode to Chinese heritage. With her specific talent for art, Kavon used vibrant colours and a 3D cutting technique to set her pieces apart. Her oversized dresses, shirts and pants were accompanied by beautiful uses of reds, yellows, blues and whites as well as a flower pattern and colour blocking. Drastic blue eyes added fierceness to this soft collection.

Haiping Xie took a different approach to showing allegiance to her Chinese culture. Xie’s line was a more ostentatious demonstration, with magnificent headpieces and gowns of the regal degree. The colours evoked a golden age feel, the vibrant colours achieved by the most skilled artists, and typically only worn by those in royal situations. The patterns were so distinct, and the drapery of the pieces was placed so eloquently one could truly tell the intensity and attention to detail that Haiping Xie held. Hints of red eye make-up complemented the tones in the garments.

Deng Hao, otherwise known as the “Chinese Knitting Queen” unrolled her exquisite hand made line. Each piece was saturated in patterns created from the fabric itself. Hao also incorporated gems and rhinestones into her work in an exquisite manner. The jewel tones with a bit of cream dazzled the audience, as they were left stunned by the the intricate patterns and designs.

The mood of the show was set by the dark room and  runway. Traditional Chinese music played in the background as the models  intensely walked down the catwalk, being careful to stop and show all the details of their piece. The show ended with Deng Hao coming down the runway with  her family and her daughter, who modeled one of her pieces. Fashion Shenzhen SS16 was an astonishing demonstration of how fashion portrays culture.


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