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It’s summertime and that means traveling! Though many of us love the act of getting to our final destination, we also dread the act of packing. Here are some of my absolute must-have items for a weekend away.

JEMMA Backpack Tote

This classic tote can be worn as a backpack, crossbody, satchel or tote! The smooth leather and adjustable straps make it the perfect bag to travel with, the spacious interior and numerous pockets make it super easy to stay organized!

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Solid & Stripes ‘Jessica’ Bathing Suit

This festive bikini is one of my favorites! The mid-heigh bottoms and athleisure top are both comfortable and trendy.

Winky Lux’s Watermelon Jelly Balm

I really love this pH-activated lip balm. Not only does it moisturize, but it brings out the natural pink color of my lips. It smells just like watermelon and is cruelty-free!

Jade Roller from Gingerchi and Laqa & Co. Oil

Traveling always makes me puffy, no matter what, and no one wants to be puffy on vacation! I swear by my Gingerchi Jade Roller, I pair my rolling with Laqa & Co. ‘Dew Me Right’ facial oil, and voila I’m de-puffed.

LUMA products

LUMA is an Australian multi-purpose skincare and makeup brand from model Jessica Hart. She has a wide range of products to help to enhance your natural radiance. Some of my favorite products are The Natural Radiance Bronzing primer, the Multi-Purpose Balm and the Beyond the Brow!  Each adds a little something to my makeup routine, leaving me feeling my best, especially on vacation.


This is a new infatuation of mine. Created by a holistic dentist, Dr. Lewis Gross, these dissolvable tablets help to freshen your breath, strengthen enamel, remineralize and balance out the pH in your mouth. They are great for when you want to feel your best, boosting your confidence that your teeth and breath are #onpoint.

SVEDKA Party Bottle 

This limited edition ‘party bottle’ is so festive and fun! Pair it with your favorite La Croix (I’m partial to Blackberry Lemonfizz) and you have a refreshing cocktail that’ll have you happy all weekend long.

Mini Prosecco Bottles from Ruffino

These mini bottles of Prosecco are perfect for traveling! They’re easy to pack, fitting right into any purse. They’re great for single serving cocktails, or an emergency drink (which sometimes, you need – I’m talking to you LIRR!)

A good book

Sweetbitter is one of my all-time favorites! Now a show on Starz, this tale of hospitality is loosely based on an iconic NYC restaurant and will have you on an emotional roller coaster the entire time. It’s a great summertime read!

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